Our CEO, Jonathan Pitayanukul, takes full responsibility for your career growth with us.  

We have vacancies at the moment. The owner of our International Business (that includes GAP), Jonathan, guarantees the best development route for you to meet your ambitions to the full in Accounting and related areas.

When you apply, our job is to help you display all that your personality and ability allows.

Our selection process makes sure that you are given the post that suits you best.

The posts are:

Certified Public Accountant.  Itís obvious that you have read this far, so our offer of career long support is of interest.

You also know that the management guarantee of international training, and the ability to become everything you want in the Accounting field, is intriguing.

Please Click Here answer a few questions about yourself for Jonathan Pitayanukul FCA MBA. He notes every answer before he asks for your CV. In this way he tries to interview staff who become a qualified, satisfied team rather than a group with similar accounting qualifications who work more as strangers than colleagues.

Junior Accountants. donít worry if you might not impress our giant US Accounting cousins Ė apply to Gap because you know you can do this work well. It is important that you prepare general accounting and financial statements for us Ė your will-power in pursuing the career you really want will persuade us of your talent.

Please Click Here to answer some of Jonathanís questions about yourself before any interview.

If necessary, email Jonathan with a note of your circumstances:
                                                      [email protected]